Got the part, thank you for the great service.
William S

Thanks for your fast action.
The telescope was a gift for my son. He received the missing pieces in time to enjoy the recent lunar eclipse with his six children. You responded quickly, and appropriately, and much faster than I expected.Again, Thanks,
Bob M.

Holy cow!  I am astounded at your response!  I've never received this level of customer support...EVER!!  
I expected to have to go to the post office, mail the binoculars back to you at my own expense, then wait for you to tell me that the problem was 'operator error' and I would have to pay a hefty service charge.  I am so very, very pleased!  I will make sure that Amazon is aware of your excellent service!  
Thank you!  
Darel C

Thank you so much for your speedy reply. It's nice to know there is still something known as customer service! I pointed my new telescope (FS-1202) to the skies last night, and got wondrous views of the moon, Jupiter and its planets...Amazing!

Hi!  I sent my binoculars back on the 30th of September and imagine my surprise  when I received a delivery today with a brand new set of binoculars, case and all!!!  I can't thank you enough for the rapid response and replacement of my binoculars......guess the sticky finish could not be repaired.  Some people are looking for the deal always, but I believe in doing business with a proven and reliable company with a great product.  Sometimes it may mean paying more, but most times you get exactly what you pay for and I would rather pay more for the quality.  Once again, thank you!
Helen P.

Thank you so much for!  Your customer service Rocks!  We love the telescope and I know whose telescopes we'll buy when we upgrade.
Andrew S.

Hello and Greetings Mary,
We just received the replacement tripod and jacket. My son and I would like to thank you for the manner in which this situation was handled by you and the Galileo staff. That was very nice of you to send along the jacket. The contagious smile and feeling of joy it brought is truly wonderful. It is nice to know that "good will" still exists.
THANK YOU again Mary and THANK YOU Galileo.
Best regards,
Robert B.

Thank you so very much for your prompt reply in resolving this issue. It is nice to see there are people that are willing to satisfy their customers. That is all I wanted my son to see. Your offer to send a jacket goes above and beyond. However, it is not necessary, but thank you just the same. I only wanted my son to see that there are avenues to be pursued and that satisfaction can be attained.
Robert B.

I bought my FS-80Z last week and Spoke with my retailer about missing eye pc, my package was all sealed and taped but missing a barlow lens as a bonus lens , my retailer has asked me to send off this email.
I really enjoy this telescope and planning on staying with galleo products for my future telescopes and upgrades.
Thank you very much (for sending the 3X Barlow ), I plan on upgrading to bigger motorized in Future and will be purchasing a Galileo. This telescope is fantastic product and I enjoy learning with my 3 boys who were blown away looking at the moon the other night.
I appreciate the quick response from you
Ron H.

Buen día, hace 10 minutos recibi los oculares, MIL GRACIAS!!!!!!, lo felicito por su eficiencia y compromiso en su trabajo, esto hace que el cliente siga confiando en el producto y más que eso en la seriedad de las personas como usted.
Maricruz A.

A couple of weeks ago I mailed you my much loved set of C-840WA binoculars for with a request for a cost to repair them. When I got back from a short vacation yesterday my binoculars were on my porch. I opened the packaging to find them not only repaired but sporting new lense covers, neck strap, and soft case. And the biggest surprize was the invoice showing no balance due.
I want to thank you and commend you for your excellent customer service. I know a lot of fellow birders, boaters and shooters who will be interested to know the way you back up your products. I for one will look no farther than Galileo for my next optical purchase.
Thank you,
Paul E.A.

I truly appreciate the info & effort arriving at a solution for my telescope stand. Friendly e-mails, timely delivery, “more than fair” price. I sense you all do this more as a hobby than a business. My wife & I have certainly enjoyed this instrument over the years, a $50.00 flea market find about 8 years ago, cleaned up & restored, with a surplus motor drive sourced & procured.
There are always some “magic nights”, a few times a year, when it’s clear & cool, the comets, satellites, stars & planets all “dance”.
I am just amazed that you took the effort to arrive at a “technically correct” solution, rather than just ship out a $25.00 stand.
“Appropriate Feedback will be posted!”
Best Regards to all of you!
Mike L.

I know how frustrating and aggravating a problematic mount can be. Although the optics are still sound, the lack of tracking and slewing can just suck the enjoyment out of an observation. We attempted to remotely "repair" the drives here on the Chicago Astronomer community, offering solutions and ideas to get them functioning, but failed to get them working.
Seems they saw better days...
A simple email from Robb to Galileo's Place Customer Service Dept., inquiring on a possible solution, brought surprising unexpected results.
They sent him a new mount - at no cost to him whats-so-ever!
Here is Robb's entire episode - from break down to replacement:

Galileo's Place went above and beyond to make a amateur astronomer happy and back on to tracking celestial objects. They took good care of a Chicago Astronomer and have re-instated my faith in good customer relations.

I even wrote the fine people a note:

Dear Galileo's Place,
This is in regards to the correspondence between Robb W. and your fine company.
Mr. W. is a member of the "Chicago Astronomer" crew, very enthusiastic about urban astronomy and was disappointed that his scope, ( Galileo G-1202MD with the motorized EQ mount), no longer tracked properly. Disheartening, but yet he still pushed and nudged his scope as best he could, as frustrating as it was.

Upon arrival of the new component, he eagerly shared the news with the Chicago Astronomer community about his totally unexpected complimentary replacement of the faulty drive mount. We were all looking for a solution to his problem and ergo, his note to you, inquiring about possible solutions.

Your delivery of a brand new mount is not only appreciated by Mr. W., but myself. You treated one of my members with great positive customer service, re-enforced good will and made an astronomer very happy. Good above and beyond service as such is a rarity and thank you.

I have created a new Galileo's Place thread and will keep it "sticky" near the top of the subject board. It can be found here:

Thanks again for taking care of one of my members!



I give the company unsolicited praise and kudos for great customer service and helping to make urban astronomy ...a little bit easier...
Thanks guys!
Chicago Astronomer Joe
Telescope/Observatory Facilitator
Adler Planetarium & Astronomy Museum

Thank you, Joe.
You rock! Thank you to all the CA members who helped me through my attempts to correct my faulty mount.
And another great big THANK YOU to Galileo's Place for the unexpected and excellent customer service!
Tonight's forecast is for clear skies with excellent seeing. I cannot wait to put this scope back to work!
Clear skies!
Robb W.

There's customer service and then there's Excellent Customer Service and you are way in front of both. Many thanks from a grateful customer...
Malcolm B.

The replacement part arrived yesterday and I was able to successfully
complete assembling the telescope for my grandson, who will be thrilled!
Thank you again for such great service!

I want to thank you very much for the part. I received it last week. You have made owning a Galileo telescope a great experience.
I will always own and be an advertisement for Galileo Telescope.
It is important to purchase a product for a good price, but it is the customer service after the purchase that is the most important.
Thank you from a "Happy Star Searcher (and grandkids)
Patricia M.

Thank you very much for the information. I have downloaded and printed it. Great customer service!!!
John B.

Telescope received very promptly. I am quite pleased with the quality and
left you excellent feedback.
Thank you very much.

Thank you so much for the beautiful cases.  You have went beyond my expectations.  I love bothsets of binoculars I purchased and the cases you sent.  You have sold me on a company with great customer service.  I won't forget it and will tell my friends.  
Thanks again,  
Terry F.

More than a month after I purchased your telescope, we finally had a night that was not cloudy or below 60 degrees or very windy. I finally was able to test your 8" Galileo Reflector.
WOW, under very poor seeing conditions, the moon at least was exceptionally well presented. I used 4 eyepieces and a 2X and a 3X Barlows. Even using silly high magnifications over warm buildings didn't seem to stop the 8" Galileo~.
Too be sure, I will give you folks the most enthusiastic praise that my vocabulary can construct!
Thank you very much,
John L.

I would like to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU. I received the thumb screw and knob in the mail today. Both parts fit perfectly. While I am not an avid star gazer, I just like to look once in a while. The slow motion knob will make the “fine” tuning much easier. Again I thank you for your help. Keep looking up.
Michael R. M.

Thank you so much for the fast delivery of my DB-135 Telescope. It was every thing that I thought it would be and more. I will be a repeat custormer!!
Bill O.

Just wanted to say thank you for sending a replacement battery cover, your customer service is outstanding! I will be sure to spread the word! Sincerely,
Jeff L.

Just wanted to leave a quick note. I am very impressed with your lifetime guarantee. You delivered a new pair of binocs to me after mine began to malfunction. Your service was excellent and I\'m am very happy with my choice to purchase these optics. I purchansed them through the North American Hunting Club and am pleased to say that for the money they are the best binoculars I could buy on the market. There are other companies that may have higher end optics but you will pay a fortune for them. I think the quality of product you people offer to the average ourdoorsman is tremendous. I certainly will tell everyone I know about your service and your products. Thanks so much for taking care of very satisfied customer.
Mark L.

We just got a galileo CT-32 for christmas and we are enjoying it very much. On the 29th I took my grandson to Lick observatory. What a great day. Its only about 60 miles from home. My only problem is not having clear skys every night! Thank you.
Gordon H.

WOW thank you for such prompt service and response time!
I purchased the telescope for two of my grandchildren, who live with us and are homeschooled. We're excited about learning more about the stars and planets. Thanks for helping us do that!

I really appreciate that. I will never fail to mention this to my friends.  Your customer service is great. Thanks.
- Daniel

Thanks so much for the manual download. You're good folks, and you are now
in our address book for future purchases. When we first tried to find your
web address, we googled and went to the first item, which turned out to be a
Galileo competitor in India. They were very decent and forthcoming and gave
us your real address. Thanks again.
-Charlie K.

Thank you so much for your excellent customer service. If I need any of your products in the future I will definitely contact your company.

Thank you so much for the Great Customer Support!!!
Jonathan O.

I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for your concern in my matter, and also thank you on how fast you acted in correcting the problem I had with my binoculars, (either fixing the problem or replacing them - which you did). 
I cherish a good professional commitment between customer and company, and value that commitment dearly.
Thank you again, and I will use these binoculars with pride, and care, as I value a very good pair of binoculars when in the field and on a 3D course.
Philip J. B.

Wow! I am impressed and surprised by your service. Thank you very much.
William J.

First I would like to thank you for your prompt response and also I would like to tell you that because of your excellent service and your fantastic products, I will be telling everyone I know about Galileo optics. Again I thank you.
Ken H.

I recently purchased your FS-120DX model telescope and it's wonderful. It's never to late to enjoy the wonders of space. I'm looking forward as to what's coming next.
Thank you,
Gary C.

The glare shield for our telescope arrived, was installed without the slightest problem. Very happy with your product and your service! Thinking of purchasing accessories for scope in future.

Thank you for the help, that is great customer service.  You made my day.
Thank You,


Thank you so much!!!!!  My model # is:  FS-102DX2.  Thank you again for all your help and I will recommend Galileo products to all my astronomy friends!! 

A NEW pair of 103060 Binoculars with Tripod arrived today. Thank you so much. Your Warrantee Service needs to be experienced to be believed!!

I would like to thank you all for the great service. Everyone I talked with on the phone was always so helpful, and showed concern with my needs. Pat your selves on the back, there are not many companies around anymore that show the qualities you possess. Thanks again.

Thank you very much. We figured it out and it works fine. You now have a life long customer.

I just wanted to drop you a line and thank you for your prompt service. The eyepieces you sent are fantastic! I was so happy to see the rings of Saturn for the first time in my backyard! Thanks again, and I am sure I will be back for more soon!

I received the telescope accessory tray from you. My wife and I are extremely impressed and appreciative for your kindness and professionalism!

The new CIR finderscope arrived today. You are the best thank you. I introduced a friend and his family to my Galileo telescope and now they want one, so I have told them where to find it. They are buying the DB-135 telescope as well.

Thank you for the immediate and concise response. You have won a customer forever! As soon as I have this scope figured out I will buy an upgrade from you. You are the best.

Thank you! You have just gained a lifetime customer!

I received the binocular Monday and want to give you and your team a Big Texas Thank You for the prompt and courteous professional service. I am one happy Galileo customer.

Thank you very much for the excellent customer service! I received my new binoculars yesterday just as promised. I wish every business / company had employees as good as Galileo. Keep up the good work!

My daughter gave me an FS80 for Christmas. I am AMPED! Per your offer, please put me on your list to receive updates. THANKS!
Brad S

Wow you guys provide exceptional customerservice :-) Thank you so much for your quick reply. Again, thank you for your outstanding service.

I love you guys! I will call you guys to order! I want to sell more and more telescopes!

You are the BEST - just like your product. I'll now be able to print the pictures taken at this past Sunday's NASCAR Race - a gift for one of our son-in-laws. If ever you would like a reference for your product or service department, please feel free to use my name or contact me. Thank You Again,
Andrew from Moultonboro, NH

Thank you very much. You have just made my day. I will do as you say on installation. This is just wonderful. I will highly recommend Galileo products to all. I know that I love my scope and I feel that others would enjoy them also. Word of mouth is a good advertising tool and I will spread the good word about Galileo.
Lanny from New London, NC

Recieved today. Thank you. Your warranty is second to none. Very satisfied.

Thank you very much. It is comforting to know that there are companies that care about quality and service. Rest assured that I will sing your praises to my friends.
John from Nacogdoches, TX

Thanks for the quick attention. I've experienced nothing but the Best Customer Service from Galileo! Now! I've noticed that Gas Prices are way too HIGH! Can you do something about that? Of course, I'm just kidding about the Gas Prices. Thank you,

Thank you! I got the case yesterday-just in time for the Perseids this weekend. I will talk about your generous and fast service to my astronomy friends.

For a first telescope, this is a very GREAT DEAL!! I think I had it to together in 2 minutes. The worst thing is on my first night, the sky was full of cloud cover.
Paul from PA

Thank you. I have a three inch Gallileo with a 25 millimeter eyepiece and it works well. I was looking at Jupiter last night and spotted three moons. It was awesome.

This is just to note how helpful you have been! Thank you for such quick notification it's a big help to me. Keep up the great work.

Thank you , thank you , thank you so much....this has completely restored my faith and inspiration for renewing my old hobby.

Wow, that was easy! I really appreciate the quick response!

Thanks you guys are great!

Thank you so much for your fast response I appreciate it. The name and address are correct. Thank You again.

Thank you SO much!

Thank you so very much! You're a wonderful company, and most helpful! Thank you again!

I appreciate the thorough job you did in locating the problem. Most companies would not have gone to the extreme you have. Thank you.

Good Evening!!
Thank you for your prompt attention. Now, everytime we look at the moon thru the telescope we'll think of you.
Thanks again.


Thank you, thank you, thank you for your easily understood explanation. I find it quite helpful in aiding me to make an informed purchase and I look forward to enjoying and viewing many star filled evenings.


- I want to hear from Cosmo. I just bought two Galileo reflector telescopes via Shopnbc, one as a present and one for my own interest. Thank You for the very informative web site. Keep up the great work.



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